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Satellite TV

MxMart provides a large selection of Free To Air Satellite TV products. Need assistance picking the right products that suits your needs? New to FTA? Want to learn more about free to air? Contact us to by click here Support Center.

What Is Free-To-Air (FTA) Satellite TV?

Free-To-Air, or FTA, means exactly what the phase implies: Television programs which are free to air. A Free-To-Air satellite signal isn't encrypted, as opposed to, for example, cable programming signals or Dish Networks and DirecTV satellite signals, which are encrypted. Free-To-Air channels can be broadcast in either analog or digital signals.

No service contract is required to view Free-To-Air satellite TV programs and there are no monthly package programming fees. You can view all the FTA channels that your satellite system can receive, without limitations. Currently there are hundreds of freely available channels, including many international language channels and special interest channels, broadcast in English. And new FTA feeds are being added every day.

You'll find free programming from the major television networks on FTA satellite — ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many more. Also, many local television stations broadcast via satellite, thus, you'll also be able to view these channels for free. Visit for current listings of all available free-to-air channels.

In today's multimedia-hungry world, Free-to-Air television can provide you with endless hours of entertainment, and without those costly monthly subscription fees.

How does FTA Satellite TV Work?

Every day, all over the world, there are satellite signals orbiting the globe, broadcasting legal, free television programs. Sound enticing? To receive these free television programs, all you need is the correct Free-To-Air satellite dish and an MPEG-2 compatible high-quality FTA satellite receiver, which can convert the computerized digital satellite signals to analog signals, if you have an analog television.

You'll also need an antenna motor to turn your dish, if you wish to receive channels from more than one satellite. One great Free-To-Air benefit is the ability to rotate your dish to the satellite you want, and watch as many Free To Air channels as you're able to receive.

Free-To-Air satellite TV systems offer better overall performance and value, especially if you enjoy special interest and foreign language programming.